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A while ago I was in a church service in which the pastor asked at the beginning of his sermon: “Who of you has ever disappointed or let another person down?” Then everyone present (including me) raised their hands. Nobody was surprised. People are not always trustworthy. We are not because we are not perfect. We make mistakes and are forgetful.

Can i trust god

Is God Forgetful? No. For example, we read in Exodus about how God freed his people from slavery in Egypt because he saw their misery:

“He heard their screams and remembered the covenant he had made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He saw the Israelites and took care of them.
Exodus 2: 24-25

The people of Israel suffered terribly from the slave drivers. They were in a situation where they could doubt God’s trustworthiness, but God has not forgotten them. He set her free. Even in times of suffering, danger and pain, the following applies:
God is completely trustworthy. This is a promise the Bible gives us. In Psalm 9:11, God’s word promises us:

“Those who know your name trust in you, because you, Lord, do not leave anyone looking for you.”

But how do I know that applies to me ? The answer to this lies in the cross of Jesus Christ. He gave his life to save us . The price God paid to save you was the life of his own son. The most precious thing there is has been given by God for you, so you can be sure that he is completely trustworthy. This is exactly what the apostle Paul has in mind when he tells us:

“God did not even spare his own son, but gave him for all of us. And if God gave us Christ, won’t he give us everything else with him? “

The question behind the question

Yes you can trust God. He is completely trustworthy. The Bible emphasizes this truth over and over again, and the cross of Jesus Christ proves that it is true.
The real question that arises is, do you want to trust him?
Do you want to take the risk of trusting him completely? Trust in God only begins with the cross of Jesus Christ, because to trust God means to believe in Jesus Christ . I can promise you based on the Bible that he will not push you away or trick you.

Jesus Christ promises us:
“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words remain forever.” ( Matthew 24:25 )
Isn’t that wonderful? The word of God, the Bible, will never lose its validity, that what God promises us in it he will keep forever. He doesn’t break his word.

Does that sound too good to be true?
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Und wie geht es weiter?

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